Ian Gallienne & John Bogaerts


Employment is structuring in social & economic cohesion. 23% of young people aged between 18 and 25 are however unemployed in the region of Brussels capital and their academic background is not adapted to the needs of today’s world. 70% of job applicants do not have a high school degree.

Transformation is ongoing in the industry and right profiles are either difficult to find locally or companies have to search for them abroad. By 2020, the number of available jobs in the digital ecosystem is estimated at 300,000 according to a BCG study. According to Agoria, 235,000 jobs are destined to disappear resulting from the digitalization by 2030. A loss largely compensated by the creation of an estimated creation of 864 000.

We launched a movement to create employment in Belgium and succeed the digital transformation of young people from 18 years old. As from 1 October 2018, 150 students already joined our coding school, opened thanks to the pedagogic support of 42, the best coding school in the world (source : CodinGame).

Students will benefit from an unprecedent mobilisation from big Belgian companies and foundations which will offer them tremendous opportunities.