Professions after 19 ?

It is difficult for the moment to define the digital professions. Can we claim to be a developer without being innovative on a daily basis? Can we set up one’s digital business without being aware of the stakes of a robust infrastructure?

The program of 19 listens to the work world: the training offered doesn’t trap you into stereotypical jobs and it also covers jobs that do not yet exist. The skills acquired at 19 allow to aspire to a broad categories of professions while keeping a necessary perspective on the state of the art technological and technical. In addition, those skills are implemented with emphasis on their complementarity, always with practical projects, and no deadlock is possible. To finish 19 means being ready to integrate into any digital position, existing or future.


The heart of 19 is coding. Software development is the driving force behind any digital activity. The fundamental technical skills are then tackled, giving everyone the essential basis for a professional integration. In the end, they make it possible to understand any programming language and for each student to develop their own understanding of the programming paradigms.

Those skills open the doors of all the programming professions and make it possible to become a developper.


The capacity to innovate for an entreprise is a key element for the digital market today.The learners of 19 must be capable to adapt and think differently in order to propose innovative solutions.
Some projects of the curriculum are specifically designed to developp this skill while others, by their dynamism or technological novelty, will bring naturally this state of mind.

Being innovative is as necessary to the creation of a startup than to developp mobile apps who can answer the needs of the citizens of the XXIe century.


If digital coding is important, infrastructures and different types of architectures also require skills for an effective and secure management. How does information flow, how quickly, what is an IT infrastructure, where does this bug come from, how to act quickly and effectively? Let’s take a dive into the heart of the operating systems, networks, the cloud and the services they contain.

System Programming (example: 42sh – Well known to Unix users, the interpreter of the commands is a key program to understand the operating system, and to redo it completely in the context of this project.)

To specialise yourself in IT infrastructures is possible, and it can lead to the profession of systems and networks administrator. Knowledge about security vulnerabilities is also required for all computer security experts capable to prevent and counter hacker attacks.


The effervescence around digital creates new forms of innovative companies. The attraction of these startups is such that to look for the one that suits you to create yours, there is only one step. And that requires the skills to coach your team and fulfill your role as a business leader.

The know-how acquired makes it possible to become a startup creator or to excel in management as a project manager.


A behavior in line with the needs of an employer are essential for a good integration in the job market as is a quality of production up to expectations. Better communication with your collaboraters as well as with your managers promotes the achievement of your objectives and creates a work place where creation and innovation are possible.

With an artistic mind, it is possible to become a video games designer or to focus on the web and multimedia design.