FAQ – Frequently asked questions

I heard that the pools take place during the summer, but I can’t find them in my admission page.

If you can’t see them that’s because they are not open yet. They are coming soon !

I represent a company and I would like to propose a partnership with School 19 and/or internship for its students, who can I contact for it ?

For partnership proposals, you can send us a mail. For traineeship offers we suggest you to sign in at the addresshttps://companies.intra.42.fr/pros/sign_in. This internet portal gives you the possibility to submit your offers and make the visible to the 19 students, and even from the other 42 based schools

Is it possible to do a pool other than during July and August ?

The is no other pool.

Is my diploma sufficient to sign up or do I have to undertake a training ?

The pool doesn’t require any training or any knowledge ! You can participate to the pool, no matter your educational past.

How to join the school ?

There are two ways possible :

1) You can take the online tests, which will give you access to the check-in, which in return will give you access to the pool. Once the pool passed, you will be able to join the school. This is the standard procedure for everyone.

2) The second way is for women only : we organize several “She loves to code” events that offer an initiation to coding. These events automatically validate the online tests. After that, the check-in, and then the pool will be accessible to you.

I have a job, and I won’t be able to take 4 weeks off. Would it still be possible to participate to the pool ?

The pool is an intense period in which being absent will be a severe handicap. Hence, it’s recommended to reserve time during this period.

Can I participate to the piscine if I don’t speak English ?

Yes, even though it’s a great advantage, knowing English is not mandatory. The pool is available in French and in English.

I’m under 18 and I would like to join Coding School 19 but it is indicated that we have to be 18 or over.

This minimum age is the public targeted by our school. If, however, you have finished your high school studies, please contact contact@s19.be.

19 Students’ status

Do students have the right to benefit the family allowances ?


Do students have the right to the student status ?

No, unfortunately Coding School 19 is not recognized by the Belgian government, but if they want, our students can sign a contract with Bruxelles Formation, which will give them access to the “Job seeker in formation” status and all of its advantages.