The founders

Ian Gallienne is co-CEO of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (Belgium) since January the 1st 2012. He is the co-CEO of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert since 2009, of Imerys since 2010, of Pernod Ricard since 2012, of SGS (Switzerland) since 2013 and of Adidas since 2016. Ian Gallienne brings mainly his field of finance expertise as well as his experience as the administrator of international groups. For Ian Gallienne, “The arrival of 19 and its students should allow industries to benefit from a qualified workforce and allow Belgium to better seize every digital economic opportunity.”

John-Alexander Bogaerts. After studies at the Brussels School (founded by Rudy Bogaerts, his father) and his successful entrance exam to join Polytech, he undertook studies in history. He starts his event communication career in 1996, co-funds the K-nal space in Brussels in 2003 before creating le Zoute People Group (high level «people» magazines) in 2004, takes the role of director of Pan (satirical newspaper) in 2009, creates B19 business club (present in the 5 major cities of the country) in 2011 and co-funds Momentum in 2015. For John Bogaerts, “19 completes the education offer for the younger generation who didn’t find their place in the conventional system. 19 offers them a chance to find a job and to integrate society. The campus becomes a genuine talent incubator offering the best conditions for digital entrepreneurship“.

The team

Stephan Salberter (Managing Director) graduated from Haute Ecole ‘Groupe ICHEC – ISC Saint-Louis – ISFSC’ in Brussels.
Stéphan has 20 years of experience in the Belgian and international finance sector. He used to manage the Communication, marketing and sustainability departments at Fortis, Deutsche Bank, ABN Amro and ING. In 2017 he created Kersel, a studio specialised in brand revealing which works on reputation management with Akkanto. His expertise covers multiple fields : experience in leadership, marketing and communication. He is also the cofounder of the CLNCKS startup.

Edouard Meier (Administrative and financial director) manages Pali Pali, a participation group focused on the independent culture. The company mutualises funds, talents, partnerships, initiatives and equipment, notably in the cinema world (Cinema Galeries, Wrong men), the assistance of companies (KissKissBankBank, Creatis) or even communication (Kersel and Cosmotion).

Gwenda “Archimède” Frocrain (Pedagogical and technical director).
After studies in mathematics and philosophy, she steps in the Cinema world. Where she starts a career as a film editor. Some years later, one of her passions comes back : complex problem solving. Which leads her to register to 42 Paris to become a developper. She will meet Stéphan there during one of his visits. Some months later, he asks her to take the pedagogical and technical direction at 19.

Emilie “E.V.E.” Peeters (Communication & event manager) has a master in advertisement and commercial communication from l’Institut des Hautes Études des communication Sociales (IHECS). After a quick stay at Ogilvy and Social.lab as a community manager to finish her studies, she becomes a content manager for Stéphan Salberter’s communication studio, Kersel. Already working for the school under Kersel, she joins officially 19 in september 2018.