Project based learning

A three year program

Every student progresses at his own pace. Some notions can be developed instinctively while others can take some more effort. Keeping this in mind, the cursus is project based : every student progresses not depending on the class (where the slowest element could slow the whole group) but on himself. No one is ever late in the cursus at 19 because the cursus is completely individualised.


The project based cursus allows every student to invest as much time he needs and as much time his rythme allows him, allowing him to pass the suggested work. The proposed timing at the beginning of every project is a realistic estimation of the time needed and isn’t an obligation. The students won’t be blocked at the same time on the same problem : the exchanges with those who started before them or after them will allow them to face those difficulties. The project based cursus also allows to deal better with accidents, to take opportunities, to do internships in companies, … If a student needs to exceptionally pause his cursus, he will come back to his projects exactly where he left them. We should still note : some projects take place at precise dates. Time constraints are a reality in the world of work and it’s normal to feature them at school. The more rigorous can set deadlines for themselves if they want. This can allow to keep a pace while preventing them to waste time.


When a student is already familiar with a project, he is encouraged to go beyond his limits. For example, after working on a technology during an internship, it regularly happens that school projects associated with this technology appear under a new light for the student. In this case, they can skim through the project way faster than predicted and thus take on challenge after challenge without having to wait for the other students. Those who desire to take more time have the opportunity to go further than the proposed subject while continuing the development of the project. If they succeed, the obtained rewards will be superior than planned. Even if we don’t accommodate for a double cursus at 19, some students use the opportunity that the project based cursus offers them to follow other courses at the same time.

Designed for 3 years

19’s program has been designed to be finished in three years. This estimation includes the internships or a part-time job. From student to student this duration can be reduced or increased without any consequences on their formation. The integrality of the essential skills needed to find a job in the digital in Belgium are part of the cursus. Thus, the biggest milestones of the program are represented by levels rather than years. It’s the individual progress and not an administrative calendar that dictates the rythme of the formation at 19. The intermediate thresholds are conditions to access the first internship. Three years is the duration we think is important to learn how to innovate in technology, obtain the basis of the professional experience with the internships and to benefit fully from the opportunities offered by 19.