The campus

The school makes available the nest infrastructure in a modern and unique environment, the Bogaerts International School campus in the Domaine de Latour de Freins (Brussels – Uccle, Engeland). This includes more than 6.600 m² within a wooded park of 9 hectares, which will offer the best conditions for the students. 19 has the same exigence as 42. The program is exactly the same as the other 42 schools and franchises around the world. Everything is piloted by the Bocal. Regarding the layout of the building, a special care is given to the comfort of the students.


The school is in Uccle at the limit of Linkebeek.
– By train, we are 7 minutes away from the Brussels midi station.
– The bus 43 stops in front of the school.
– There is free parking spots in front of the school.
– A lot of students carpool together.


The school is situated on a campus that accommodates student of every nationality between 3 and 18 years old. Everything has been thought out to make them meet and live together :
– The two wings reserved for 19 are linked by a hallway that goes through the boarding school.
– The drinks and meals are centralised at the first floor with the other schools.
– The canteen and the reception hall are shared.
– A student association proposes a lot of activities between the students of 19.

Bogaerts International School

The learning methods of the Bogaerts family allowed thousands of students that dropped out to find a better solution. The ISTEC-ECB, superior commerce and marketing school offers a Bac+3 formation, giving students a true professional education. In partnership with ISTEC Paris, our program is accessible directly after high school and is focused on marketing, management and marketing in an international cultural and economic context.

After their formation, our students have the possibility to follow the Bac+4 and Bac+5 program with our partner ISTEC-PARIS. The students, for their internships and missions in companies, benefit directly from this strategical localisation.

A professional training

Our formation is a combination of courses and internships in companies which aims to give our students a solid experience to become genuine operational professionals, a guarantee of employability.

True «School-company», the ISTEC-ECB develops an active pedagogy and practice, encourages real life settings, group workshops and gives as much focus to the development of personal qualities as the acquisition of technical skills.

The strength of the ISTEC-ECB is based on the quality and the diversity of its professors : company managers, academics and executives. They put the company and economic relationships at the center of the courses.

Human scaled school, ISTEC-ECB puts the individualised accompaniment all along the cursus for every student to grow and succeed in the school.