The Pool

What is it?

The test of the pool will decide your final admission to 19. No swimming, but as the Marines, a dip in the big bath that allows us to identify the most motivated and confirm the ability of students « eligible » for computer development. The Pool is actually a chance: a month spent in the premises of 19 in Bruxelles to really discover the school, its unique method of learning and, of course, what is really programming.

Every day for four weeks, even the weekend, you will have exercises or computer projects to do, to render and to evaluate, while getting to know the other candidates to 19. The program of the Pool starts from zero and doesn’t ask for any prior knowledge … apart from knowing how to use a mouse and a keyboard.

Choose your Pool


May 25, 2019 at 4 pm
June 1, 2019 at 2 pm
June 15, 2019 at 4 pm


JULY 2019 (OPEN) – Monday, July 1 to Friday, July 26
AUGUST 2019 (OPEN) – Monday, August 5 to Friday, August 30

The registration in Pool is done only on your application space : no registration by mail or going to school is possible.

Choose well your pool: this is a month where you have to devote yourself exclusively to 19. Every day where you will be absent, whatever the reasons, will be a day late to catch up on others. For example, if you have exams or a second session in August, it is best if you choose another month.

If you select a Pool whose capacity is already full, then you will go on a waiting list. As soon as a place is released, you will be registered at this pool: you will be notified by email and you must be there for the pre-start of the year.

Be careful, places are sometimes liberated a few days before the start of the Pool after the pre-entries. Thus, if you are on the waiting list, you can be directly registered. You need to be reactive.


The pre-start of the year

The first day of the Pool, bring your invitation that you will receive by mail when you will chose your pool.

We will wait for you at 8.19 to validate the QR code attached to your invitation, and you will be able to begin your pool at 9.19


No accommodation is offered on the campus


During the Pool, and only during the Pool, you can stay at the school if you bring an inflatable mattress or a camp bed. Private shower rooms and a kitchen will be made available. The snacking will be organized by the students.

The results

Eligibility results at 19 are announced within two weeks after the end of each Pool. The official announcement is made on social networks. An email is sent to all participants to announce their results. There is no numerus clausus: we select candidates who have demonstrated their ability to permanently integrate 19. Approximately one third of the candidates of each Pool is selected. If you are not selected, other computer training exist: there is necessarily one more adapted to your expectations and your operating mode.