19, is the first Belgian Coding School entirely free, open to all and accessible to 18-30 year olds. Its pedagogy is peer-to-peer learning: a participative process that allows students to unleash their creativity through project-based learning.

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School 19

19 Coding School is an innovating school : there is no tuition fee, eduction takes place without teacher and no diploma is given. The school is open 24/24 and 7/7. It is a performing school thanks to the pedagogic support of the best coding school in the world : 42 (source : CodinGame). The school aims at preparing a priority target population in Belgium for employment: young people aged between 18 & 30. The school is impactfull : it contributes to the creation of local employment and to reinsertion of students who have not found their way in traditional education systems, it benefits from an efficient governance and offers high level opportunities thanks to its partners.

No courses, no teachers

19 coding shool offers the pedagocic programme of 42 in Paris. Rather than basing itself on a series of specific languages and technologies, the programme articulates around 5 big themes spread in 17 competences all based on a common ground : the individual capacity to adapt, learn & manage new challenges that are provided to students on a regular basis.

The program

The School 19 program is identical to the program at School 42 in Paris. Rather than a series of specific languages ​​and technologies, the program is structured around five main themes divided into 17 competencies, all of which have the same basic element: a personal capacity for adaptation, learning, coping and solving the new challenges that do not fail to arrive regularly.

Online applications are open

Click here to start the admission process.

If you are ready to submit your application, you first need to succeed on-line tests available on our website. Once you have succeeded, you will be invited to an information & check-in session, where you will receive the education programme overview.

The next step is called the 'Piscine' (swimming-pool) : a one-month immersion at the 19 coding school in Brussels to get to know the school, its philosophy, meet other candidates and discover the basics of coding. You will receive every day (even during week-ends) exercises or programming projects to deliver or to lead. No previous programming experience is needed to start the 'Piscine' programme, you just need to be highly motivated.

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