18 years old or over

This is the only condition we had to fix. For the current recruitment session, we ask our candidates to be between 18 and 30 years old, included on November 1st the year of the academic start.

An exception: if you are a minor, you can take the eligibility tests and the Pool if you are in your last year of school.

We recommend to all our candidates recently majors and still in  school, to push their studies until their diploma  rather than drop out of school to go to 19. Although 19 recruits without a diploma, it is not our vocation to encourage  dropout among the youngest.


Your admission to 19 begins with the site Register with your email address and follow the procedure from a regularly updated computer.

You will be confronted with tests of logic and memory to be certain that you have the capacities required to join us.

It’s free

No condition on ressources are required.


Once you have validated the online testing step – which can take several days – you have to go to the 19 offices in Bruxelles for a check-in.

The check-in is an essential step that can not be delegated. You must pass a check-in before you can select a pool, regardless of your situation. The check-in dates are indicated on your application space: new slots are added throughout the year.



Once the online selection done, the « Piscine » begins. This test is the last hardship before being admitted at 19. No swimming but an immersion in the big pool which allows us to identify the more motivated, just like the qualifications for the swim commandos for the Marines, and to confirm the skill of the candidates for programming.

Practically the « Piscine » is an opportunity, a month to really discover 19, its unique methodology and of course what really is programming. During a month 150 students will dive in to learn coding 24/24 7/7. Their goal : having the pleasure to participate in this adventure which will give them a guaranteed job in the coming years.